[CLOSED]Foodie Friday: If You Leave Don Vito’s Hungry, It’s Your Own Fault

We love food with a unique twist, so with all the buzz circulating about one of Flower Mound’s newest restaurants, Don Vito’s, we knew we had to give this place a try this week!

IMG_4810Located in the Pines of Flower Mound (corner of FM 3040 and Gerault Rd), Don Vito’s is a sort of local Italian safe house – a place where friends, family and co-workers can come together to watch a game, catch up, grab a drink and enjoy some delicious homemade Italian food.

IMG_4809 IMG_4811Owner Don named the restaurant after himself and his belated great-grandfather, Vito, in an effort to pay homage to his Italian heritage. But the idea of opening Don Vito’s in Flower Mound came to him after he moved to the area and felt there was a lack of good pies available! So, he went back to his Brooklyn roots and perfected his family’s recipes for a couple of years before finally getting family approval to open the restaurant.

And one week into their opening, they are serving absolutely INCREDIBLE food in a casual and comfortable environment!

So, let’s talk about all that great food shall we?

We started out with a couple of Don’s most popular appetizers – Da’Stix and his Wiseguy Jalapenos. Da’Stix is fresh dough topped with roasted garlic, basil and fresh mozzarella served with their house made marinara sauce (which takes about three days in and of itself to prepare!).

IMG_4823And the Wiseguy Jalapenos (which were my favorite part of the meal)  are stuffed jalapenos with homemade sausage, cheese and a blend of spices. It’s not often you go to an Italian place and get stuffed jalapenos, but I can imagine coming here with friends, sitting at the bar, watching a game and chowing down on a plate of those delicious things no problem.

IMG_4821Don also served us a cup of their incredible Lasagne soup which really did taste like lasagna in soup form! It was warm and rich and perfect for a cold and rainy day like today.

IMG_4817For our entrees, we ordered off various parts of the menu to give you the best taste of what Don Vito’s offers. So, we ordered their Greek Salad, the Chicken Milano (breaded chicken breast sauteed with garlic and roasted tomatoes served over fettuccine with a basil and cream sauce), and the Del Formaggio Pizza which is a heavenly blend of cheeses including fresh mozzarella, provolone, ricotta and romano.

IMG_4827 IMG_4826 IMG_4830

They also have a gluten-free menu which includes two kinds of gluten-free pasta and are currently working on a recipe for a gluten-free calzone! How awesome is that?

Don talked to us about the care and attention that goes into each plate and I loved how he talked about layering flavors together to really get the greatest depth out of each of the dishes they serve. And you clearly don’t have to worry about small portions at Don Vito’s! After all, their motto is, “If you leave Don Vito’s hungry, it’s your own damn fault.”

And then they insisted we couldn’t leave without trying some of their incredible homemade and authentic New York Cheesecake (twist my arm…)! This was the perfect end to our meal with its sweet but tangy creaminess combined with the crunch of the crust and a little drizzle of chocolate.

IMG_4834We were all really impressed and thrilled with what Don and his staff put in front of us while at lunch and can’t wait to head back and see how they grow over the coming months! They have lots of exciting things coming including delivery service, an outdoor patio with live weekend entertainment and an outdoor bar and new pasta machines so they can make pasta in-house.

So, if you’re looking for a great new spot to take the family, meet up with friends or spend a casual date night out, go out and support this new restaurant! We promise you won’t regret a single bite you take. And be sure to tell Don that Jay Marks sent you when you go in to visit.

We are excited to start another year full of great, local food so be sure to come back and see where we head next, Foodies!

Here’s to delicious eating in 2015!

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