[CLOSED]Foodie Friday: Celebrating Jay’s Birthday

Some of you may not be aware that yesterday, February 19th, was kind of a big deal. Yesterday I turned 47 years old and also got to celebrate 5 years of marriage with my beautiful wife! So, if you haven’t put two and two together yet, yes… I got married on my birthday. It was a sure-fire way to never forget our anniversary! Can I get an “amen?”

And what better way to celebrate than with incredible food at one of my favorite local restaurants? So, for lunch I met up with some of my most favorite people at Twelve Stones where Chef David and his team served us an incredible variety of food.

The lunch was amazing. I had a blast catching up with friends, laughing, sharing stories and having a captive audience (obviously).


DSC_1076And Chef David served us an fabulous meal. We started out with some Fried Calamari served with their sweet chili dipping sauce, deviled eggs and their “APB” Pork Belly with a soy gastrique and pickled thai chili.

IMG_5188 IMG_5190 IMG_5189Then Chef brought us TONS of food for our main course, including some sliced Prime New York Strip served over his smoked macaroni and cheese, fish ‘n chips with fries, carbonara with chicken and sausage and (my personal favorite) the House-Cured Reuben sandwich made with house-cured pastrami and house-made spicy dressing. Even if you’re not a fan of pastrami (I was not before Twelve Stones), you have to try this sandwich! Everyone at the table thought it was to die for and it takes them 8 days to prepare – 8 days for a sandwich! You know it has to be good.

IMG_5191 IMG_5192 IMG_5195 IMG_5193And then I was surprised with a whole butcher’s block filled with desserts just for me and a round of “Happy Birthday.” Even I blushed a little bit with all of the attention.

IMG_5197 IMG_5203

The dessert assortment included their flourless chocolate cake topped with a chocolate ganache and cherry sauce, a salted caramel pot de creme (like a caramel custard), a caramel semifreddo and (again, my favorite) their Black Pepper Cheesecake with an Oreo cookie crust and a candied jalapeno topper.

IMG_5206 IMG_5204 IMG_5207 IMG_5205It was such an incredible lunch and I felt so blessed to be surrounded by friends, business partners and clients. So, thank you Chef David and the rest of the Twelve Stones team for a great meal!

If you have a special occasion you’d like to celebrate in style or if you just want to enjoy a wonderful evening out, you know I always recommend heading to Twelve Stones. They’re open for lunch and dinner and serve a great variety of dishes at both meals.

Thank you to everyone for making my birthday and anniversary a great day! I hope all you Foodies have a great weekend!

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