Community Update: Ben & Jerry Are Coming to Highland Village TOMORROW


Real celebrities are coming to our area TOMORROW! The founder of Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, are visiting the Highland Village location in the Shops of Highland Village tomorrow from 3:30-4:30pm to sign autographs and take pictures!


How cool is that?

They’re also hoping to bring awareness to a certain Supreme Court decision regarding unions/corporations and political campaigns. Both Ben and Jerry are part of the “Keep the Dough Out of Politics” campaign.

It’s great ice cream for a great cause!

So if you want to meet the incredibly famous ice cream shop founders and also show some political support, head over to the location in the Shops of Highland Village tomorrow. Give me some of that Milk & Cookies or Tonight Dough ice cream…


Ice Cream + Civic Duty = A Great Day

You can read more about the cause Ben and Jerry support by clicking here to read an article on the Cross Timbers Gazette website.

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