Foodie Friday: A Family Affair at Savory Bistro

It’s really simple to get invited to a Foodie Friday extravaganza – all it takes is being my friend for over 10 years and buying and selling a few houses with me! Just kidding, but it does definitely help.


I recently got to take some dear friends and wonderful clients out for a full-fledged Foodie Friday experience at Savory Bistro in the Bartonville Town Center, and it was a full family affair! We were celebrating the new home of Michael and Sarah and the sale of their parents’ home, so we decided to definitely celebrate in style! Plus, Sarah and Michael are huge fans of Foodie Friday and often incorporate our spots into their date night rotation.

IMG_9504 IMG_9676

Savory Bistro is one of my all-time favorite Foodie Friday spots we’ve visited, and seeing as they update their menu seasonally, I couldn’t wait to get back and see what Execute Chef Neil had in store for us.


One of the things I love most about Savory Bistro is the passion the owners have for the food they serve and the love they have for working in the restaurant. And it probably helps that when they’re at work, they’re surrounded by family! Annette Doody and her husband co-own the restaurant with Neil (their son) and his wife, Jenna (who are co-executive chefs).


Neil guided us through our whole meal, explaining where all the ingredients came from and what makes each dish unique. And lucky for you, there were lots of us at dinner which means we were able to try out a lot of their menu!

Are you ready for this? Get ready to salivate…

We started out with their Cheese & Pederson’s Smoked Sausage Board and their Freebird Pate which came served with their made-in-house artisan bread and picklins including pickled asparagus and onions. I can’t say I’m an expert on pates but this one was absolutely delicious! So, if you’ve been hesitant about pates before, I’d recommend starting out with Savory Bistro’s.

IMG_9477 IMG_9488

We also tried their clams, smoked artichoke and the tortilla soup. One of our guests told us that he actually rates a restaurant based on their tortilla soup, and that based on Savory’s version, he’d give them a very high rating.

IMG_9485 IMG_9490 IMG_9480

For our main courses, we ordered a wide range of dishes – everything from salads to steaks!

I was very responsible with my diet and ordered the House Salad which had a beautiful, summer taste with arugula and spinach, snap peas, strawberries and almonds.


My wife, Stacy, had their Linguine & Texas Kobe Meatballs which is made with house-made linguine pasta and the finest Kobe meatballs. One of our other guests also went the pasta route and tried their Shrimp Linguine alla Vodka with Asparagus.

IMG_9494 IMG_9497

My clients’ youngest daughter (who just returned from a stint in Europe), ordered the Pan Seared Alaskan Halibut served with red new potatoes, charred sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and a leek sauce. She said it was an incredibly fresh piece of fish, which is evidence of the care Chef Neil puts into the ingredients they use in their dishes!


And the rest of our manly guests went with some of the more savory (get it?) options and ordered between them the 16 oz. T-Bone Steak served with a coffee BBQ sauce, the Signature Savory Steak served with smashed potatoes, and the Bistro Burger which was impossible to fit in one bite but was absolutely delicious!

IMG_9499 IMG_9506 IMG_9507

And even with all that food, we didn’t hold back when it came to dessert! We ordered my favorite Savory Bistro dessert, the Chocolate Pudding with caramel and sea salt served with gluten-free cookies. It was a big hit. And we also tried some of their new desserts including the 5 Layer Dessert in a Glass and their Bacon Cake with Strawberry Rummy Sauce which was to die for.

IMG_95131 IMG_95121 IMG_9511

I had so much fun eating a delicious meal with friends and clients. Bonding over Foodie Friday is fun! There’s so much great food at Savory Bistro and with their menu changing every season, there’s always something new to try! And they also offer lots of great menu items for take-out, including their homemade pastas.

Whether you’re looking for a fun lunch out or a place to celebrate a special occasion, Savory Bistro is a great option for you! So, go try one of my favorite Foodie Friday spots and tell Chef Neil and his family “hello” from Jay Marks when you go!

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