Community Update: Tips for The Entrepreneurial-Minded Kiddos of Flower Mound


As someone who was an entrepreneur from a very early age, I appreciate those kiddos in our community who want to get out and earn some money this summer! The Town of Flower Mound recently released some information regarding best practices for opening a lemonade stand in Flower Mound, so I figured I’d share this information with all you parents of youngsters out there.

#1: NO, a permit is not required to open a lemonade stand in Flower Mound.

#2: However, for safety reasons, make sure the stand is behind the sidewalk to allow others the right of way and as good business practice allowing your customers access to the stand.

#3: Make sure you ask your neighbor’s permission if you set the stand up in their yard! They just might be your first customer.

#4: In an effort to be hygienically sound, use disposable cups to prevent germs from spreading through your customers.

So, good luck to all you business-savvy kids out there – I can’t wait to drive by and see some great lemonade stands this summer!

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