“Two-sday 200 (Years Old)”: Flower Mound’s ‘Save the Cabin’ Initiative

I’ve had the pleasure of becoming involved in some local initiatives lately – the most recent being the Long Prairie Homestead “Save the Cabin” campaign.


If you haven’t heard the history behind how the cabin from the mid-1800s was discovered, developer Curtis Grant found the structure after purchasing the home on Quail Run with the intentions of tearing it down to build a residential development.

As he started working on tearing down the home, he discovered that the core of the structure was large logs. He immediately reported his findings and has since scaled down his plans for the development and has been working with Denton County and the Town of Flower Mound to preserve this historical landmark.


I had the opportunity to attend the “Open House” on August 15th and met many wonderful people who are also committed to keeping the integrity of this building alive.

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I just wanted to thank all those who are continuing to work on this project, including Curtis, Wendell Elms and Ray and Diana Robbins.

“The discovery of this log cabin is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The idea of being able to step back 150 years into the past and preserve it forever fires the imagination. I appreciate so much the efforts of all who are trying to preserve it. William Gibson was one of three Gibson brothers — James, Jesse and William — who brought their families along with the Eads, Hallfords, Allens, Fosters, Smiths and others to Texas from Missouri. Jesse was my 3g grandfather. As an amateur genealogist, I have been researching this side of my family for the past two years. I told my daughter that buried treasure of gold and silver would not have been as exciting as this log cabin for me to find. Thank you Mark Glover for such a well-done report and the incredible amount of research you put into it.”

~ Larry Briscoe

Go ‘like’ the Save the Cabin Facebook page to stay updated on what you can do to help with the cause!

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