Community Update: Town of Flower Mound’s Response to High Water Bills


I’ve had several clients reach out to me over the past few days asking about the sudden and drastic raise in the cost of their water bills! I even noticed quite the difference on my own bill from last month. The Town of Flower Mound investigated complaints regarding the high costs and recently released the following statement on their Facebook page:

The Town of Flower Mound has received numerous inquiries regarding higher-than-expected water bills. After further research, it has been determined there are no inaccuracies with the billing system or water meter readings.

Earlier this month, the Town released information regarding residents in a particular area of Town that received zero-usage water bills as part of a third-party software billing error. The Town distributed the corrected bills, accurately reflecting the amount of water used. However, this is an isolated issue and is not related to usage.

As we all know, weather can play a part in how much water is used each month. This area experienced an unusually cool and rainy spring and early summer. In July, temperatures returned to the typical 100-plus-degree highs, with less than an inch of rainfall in July and a similar amount in August. Not only does this influence the frequency of lawn watering needed, but can also cause ground movement, leading to additional stress on water and irrigation lines and potentially causing leaks. Often, water leaks are not visible on the surface. Water meters only register the amount of water that passes through the system and data cannot be altered.

Residents who feel their water usage is not in line with previous years’ usage, are encouraged to contact the Utility Billing Department at 972.874.6010. Staff will be happy to individually review your account with you, provide water usage reports, and discuss several ways to reduce water usage.

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