[CLOSED]Foodie Friday: A Store Full of Jay’s Healthy Option!

After hearing so many wonderful things about the new Snap Kitchen, we headed out to the healthy Austin food chain’s 8th DFW location located right here in Flower Mound! And I loved that fact that the entire store was like one big Jay’s Healthy Option!


We had the privilege of being shown around by the company’s Registered Dietitian for the DFW area, Daniel Magoon, and he did a great job of explaining how to navigate the store as well as some of his favorite dishes.


Daniel explained to us that everything is made fresh in Snap’s main kitchen here in Dallas and then is delivered multiple times a day to each of their DFW stores. And they’ve worked over the years to bring healthy twists to traditional comfort food items.


Each dish is also perfectly portioned so you don’t ever have to worry about falling into a food coma after you eat it. They even have dishes specifically created for lunches and dinners so that you get the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, etc. for each meal.


Ultimately, Snap Kitchen’s goal is to improve your lifestyle – they want to keep the eating experience enjoyable so that it’s something you can easily maintain. So, whether you each their meals just the way they’re served, or whether you supplement them to make them your own, Snap Kitchen has great options for all kinds of individuals and lifestyles.

As we walked around, Daniel took time to show us what some of his favorite items are and we even got to sample some of them!


One of them was the Grass Fed Meatballs and Peppers which I had the chance to sample and it was absolutely delicious! It’s an option that’s great to eat by itself, but Daniel even gave us the great idea of using the meatballs and peppers as pizza toppings!

Another of Daniel’s favorites, and one of Snap Kitchen’s most popular dishes, is the Grilled Salmon over Warm Kale Salad with an Apple Dijon sauce on top. I haven’t had the chance to actually eat this one yet, but it looked delicious, so I can’t wait to try it out!


Snap Kitchen also has some great soup options which would be a great choice for the cooler weather coming our way here in the next few months. Some of their most popular soups include the Tomato Basil Soup, the Spicy Coconut Chicken Soup (which Daniel said is great for when you’re feeling a little under the weather), and their Turkey Chili.

They’ve also got some great breakfast options including a Grass Fed Bison Quinoa Hash and a Spinach and Goat Cheese Scramble (which we heard is amazing).

And if you’re hoping to get your kids on board with eating a little healthier, Snap Kitchen has options for them as well! They’ve created some healthier versions of familiar kid-friendly foods including spaghetti and chicken strips.

I think that Snap Kitchen and I are going to become great friends over the next few months while I’m continuing on my journey of healthier eating. I love that I can just stop in and grab something to take home or back to the office, or I can heat it up right there in the store and eat there.

IMG_6356 IMG_6352

I’m definitely going to encourage you to check Snap Kitchen out this weekend if you haven’t already. They said they’ve had a great turnout already since they opened, so let’s keep it going!

Eat healthy with me, Foodies!

*Snap Kitchen is located at 3701 Justin Rd #110, Flower Mound TX.

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