Community Update: Traffic Shift on FM 1171 in West Flower Mound


We’re here to keep our local residents informed of all the latest news, so for those of you who travel out west, keep in mind that the traffic pattern on FM 1171 will be switching up starting at 9:00am this Friday, October 2. They’ll be transitioning traffic from the existing pavement to the newly-constructed roadway.

But here are some additional things to keep in mind, especially if you live out that way:

  • They will have to bring the surfaces of High Road and Chimney Rock Drive to the same height of the new roadway, so both intersections will be closed for a brief period of time while that is completed. They’ll start on High Road, closing it for about 20 minutes. After that, outbound traffic will have access to FM 1171, but no inbound traffic will be allowed between 9:00-11:00am. Then they’ll move to Chimney Rock and perform the same work.
  • After both intersections are completed, traffic will be switched over to the new roadway.

Just some things to keep in mind as you’re going about your day on Friday!

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