Community Update: Propositions Passed by Texas Voters


As many of you know, yesterday was voting day – allowing Texas voters to vote on seven different propositions to amend the Texas constitution.

The one we’re most excited about as real estate agents (because we now get to tell all of our clients about it!) is the passing of Proposition 1, which raises the homestead exemption. This is expected to save the average homeowner about $126 per year! Hey, that’s something!

Other propositions that were passed include Proposition 6 which reiterates Texans’ right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife and Proposition 7, which states that the state will dedicate some of the taxes collected on car sales to the State Highway Fund in order to maintain and construct public roadways and bridges.

I think all of these are great changes for the state of Texas!

So, whether you knew about these propositions before the vote or not… now you know!

*To read about all seven Propositions, click here to read an article posted by The Texas Tribune.

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