New Construction: Lakeside DFW’s Dog Park

There are many of us dog-owners who have quickly fallen in love with Flower Mound’s first dog park, the Hound Mound, located on the east side of Heritage Park (and our dogs have too). So I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that Lakeside DFW is getting its own one-acre dog park!

The site for the park is located just east of the central roundabout at the intersection of Edgemere and Lakeside Parkway. Once completed, the park will be enclosed with an iron fence and will include several picnic tables and benches for pet owners to enjoy.

However, use of the dog park will be limited to residents of Lakeside only. Which is great news for those of you living in Lakeside already and for those of you with plans to move their in the future.

If you’re interested in looking into housing opportunities within Lakeside DFW, we’d love to help you learn more! We’ve had a few clients move into the development who absolutely love the sense of community over there and who love that urban feeling within a suburban area.

Call us at 972.724.2540 to find out how YOU can become a resident of Lakeside DFW!

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