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Foodie Friday: Mugs Cafe & Bakery in Downtown Roanoke

I love exploring new areas and testing out their cuisine, so when we found ourselves near Downtown Roanoke this week, we knew we needed to find one of their many fantastic restaurants to try!

As we were strolling along checking out all the shops and restaurants, we stumbled upon Mugs Cafe & Bakery and the intoxicating smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies drew us inside.

 What we found was a charming bakery with a fabulous assortment of sweet treats as well as some delicious sandwich options which sounded like just the perfect solution for our hungry stomachs.

In talking to one of the owners, Lainie, we learned that she and her mother, Kim, have been serving up their baked goods in Roanoke since 1996. We also learned that Mugs Cafe & Bakery is the only place in DFW where you can find a chocolate dipped brownie! (Holy delicious!)

They have over 20 other pastries to choose from including Napoleons, Eclairs, Macaroons, Cheesecakes, Cookies, and Bars.

As far as their sandwich options go, they have a Chicken Salad, a Club, a Veggie, and a Holiday (cream cheese, cranberry and turkey) among others. And you can choose whether you want it on white, wheat, sourdough, or a croissant.

And if you need a wedding or special occasion cake of any kind, Mugs Cafe & Bakery can help you with that as well! They do made-to-order custom cakes or if you need one last-minute they have some ready in the bakery at all times you can pick up as well.

This was the perfect lunch spot for us this week and we loved getting to spend some time in Downtown Roanoke. The next time you’re down that way, be sure to stop by Mugs Cafe & Bakery for a sweet treat, a drink or a sandwich!

*Mugs Cafe & Bakery is located at 103 N Oak St, Roanoke TX 76262 (right across the street from Babe’s Chicken).

Foodie Friday: Prohibition Chicken Serving Up More Than Just Great Fried Chicken

I love a restaurant that provides a full, fun, unique dining experience in addition to fantastic food. If you haven’t experienced Prohibition Chicken in Old Town Lewisville yet, you’ll be finding a way to get there as soon as possible by the time you’re finished reading this blog post – trust me!

Prohibition Chicken was created by four local guys (Chef Roger Kaplan, Ken Johnsen, Josh Babb, and Sean Clavir) who have a passion for two things: chicken and whiskey. And Prohibition Chicken perfectly marries those two passions together.

Two of the owners: Josh Babb and Sean Clavir

Customers can enjoy family-style dining and drinks in the main dining area. Or if you really want to enjoy the full prohibition experience, head on back to their speakeasy through the telephone booth where you can enjoy their full menu as well as some truly unique cocktails created by their Cocktail Enthusiast, Tyson.

I had no idea that this place had a hidden speakeasy in it, and when I found that out, I was so excited!!

The menu at Prohibition Chicken is simple – you choose the protein (chicken, beef or fish) and then pick four family-style sides to go along with it. You can also add on salad for $1 per person and a basket of their incredible homemade cornmeal biscuits. (We definitely recommend adding both on.)

They have four chicken options you can choose from if you decide to go the chicken route. Their most popular options are the Crispy Fried and the Smoke Fried (a combination of their Crispy Fried and their Pecan Smoked). We had some of their Smoke Fried and it was fantastic. The skin had incredible flavor to it and the chicken was deliciously tender. If you want a gluten-free option, their Pecan Smoked is perfect because it’s not fried in a batter. And if you like a little bit of spice, you’ll love their Hot Chili-Fried Chicken dusted with a Jalapeno Ranch.

We also ordered their Beeman Family Ranch Akaushi Tri-tip which also had incredible flavor and was cooked to perfection.

To go along with your protein, you get to choose four family-style sides for the table to share. They’ve got a great mix of hot and cold sides to choose from. We went with their Classic Creamy Southern Slaw (which has some jalapenos in it for some added heat); the Smoked Cheddar Ale Mac ‘n Cheese (so creamy and delicious); Smashed Potatoes (their version of mashed potatoes made with parsnips and cream); and Smoked Cheddar Grits (a little bit of a sweet option).

We also recommend you not leave Prohibition Chicken without trying one of their desserts (if you can manage to find the room in your stomach)! Their regular dessert item is their Sticky Biscuit made with gooey caramel pecan apple goodness and a dollop of whipped cream. We chose to go with their seasonal dessert options which were a Granny Smith Apple Cobbler and a Peach Cobbler both topped with a vanilla bean cream.

Be sure to check out Prohibition Chicken’s hours that we have below so that you don’t miss out on your chance to experience this fantastic new restaurant in Lewisville!

*Prohibition Chicken is open as follows: Monday – Closed; Tuesday-Thursday – 4:30-9:00pm; Friday-Sunday – 11:00am-9:00pm.

**Prohibition Chicken is located at 201 W Church St, Lewisville TX 75057.

Foodie Friday: Gearing Up for the Grand Opening of Mi Dia From Scratch

It’s an exciting time to be a Foodie here in Flower Mound with the opening of so many fantastic restaurants in our area recently!

We know many of you are on pins and needles waiting for the Grand Opening of Mi Dia From Scratch here in Flower Mound, so this week we visited the original location in Grapevine to get a little sneak peek as to what you Flower Mound Foodies can expect when our location opens.

As much as I can’t believe I’m going to admit this – I had never been to Mi Dia before! And I’m now really upset that it has taken me this long to eat there. But it also made me incredibly excited for their Flower Mound location to open!

We got to sit down with Executive Chef Gabriel DeLeon who opened the original location in Grapevine back in 2011. Gabriel comes from a family familiar with the restaurant business. His father opened La Margarita in Irving nearly 30 years ago and his uncle opened  Esparza’s in Historic Downtown Grapevine.

At a young age, Chef Gabriel wanted to master the art of preparing and serving five-star cuisine, so he attended culinary school and then spent several years studying at restaurants in Mexico City and New York. When he returned to Dallas, Chef Gabriel took his father’s classic Mexican dishes from La Margarita and added his own flair, incorporating ingredients like duck.

And just as the name suggests, everything is made from scratch in the restaurant. Which gives every dish and even their cocktails a fresh, authentic taste.

We couldn’t come to Mi Dia and not sample a couple of their cocktails, so we asked our waitress to choose a couple of their most popular and unique drinks to bring out. She chose their Heart of the Desert which is a margarita made with a blood orange liqueur and their Hibiscus Champagne Margarita made with a hibiscus sorbet and dry ice. It came out bubbling like a witch’s potion – very neat!

Many of you know that I’ve recently committed myself to losing 100 pounds. And if you didn’t already know, now you do and you can help support me along my journey. Because of my new commitment, I asked our waitress what the best option for a low-carb diet would be. So, Jay’s Healthy Choice option this week is their Carne Asada with a side salad instead of the rice and beans. The steak was so tender and had incredible flavor. It was a fantastic suggestion, and I was able to leave still feeling good about myself!

If you have dietary restrictions of your own, Mi Dia offers a special menu which is organized according to dietary needs. So whether you’re gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. they make it easy for you to find a dish that will work for you!

We ordered a wide array of other entrees from Mi Dia’s dinner menu as well, including: Steak and Relleno, Duck Two Ways, Wood Grilled Banana Leaf Wrapped Salmon, Pollo Agave, and Chipotle Ribs.

If you like something with some heat to it, definitely try the Steak and Relleno which is grilled skirt steak served with a relleno stuffed with jack cheese and topped with New Mexico Red and green chile sauces.

If you’re a fan of duck, their Duck Two Ways is fantastic. My wife, Stacy, who doesn’t even usually like duck was a fan of this dish!

Their Banana Leaf Wrapped Salmon was FANTASTIC. It was cooked perfectly and had amazing flavors.

If you want something kind of creamy, their Pollo Agave was a fantastic option as it comes served with a Shitake cream reduction and whipped potatoes.

And their Chipotle Ribs were fall-off-the-bone delicious and were also packed full of flavor.

Then we topped things off with a special birthday treat for Kathy in our office – their Rocky Road Bliss which they make right there in the restaurant. SO good.

We’re all aboard the Mi Dia bandwagon now and absolutely cannot wait for their Grand Opening. Which is expected to happen mid-August, so we don’t have that much longer to wait, Foodies! Their Flower Mound location is designed exactly like their Grapevine location, so it will feature the same great bar, decor and patio area that you’ve grown to love. 

We can’t wait to welcome Mi Dia to Flower Mound, and in the meantime, we might be taking a couple more trips to Grapevine.

*Mi Dia From Scratch in Flower Mound will be located at the corner of Windsor and FM 2499 – across the street from Flower Mound Presbyterian.

Foodie Friday: Visiting Historic Downtown Carrollton

You may remember our tour around Historic Downtown Grapevine we shared on the blog last summer. It was so much fun that we decided to share about another one of our favorite local historic districts to visit – Historic Downtown Carrollton.

Carrollton’s Historic District is over 100 years old and has tons of old charm as well as some modern conveniences and updates.

There are two parks where Carrollton hosts a wealth of community events throughout the year, as well as plenty of boutiques, restaurants, and local businesses that entertain Carrollton’s visitors.

Some of our favorite shops to visit when we head to Historic Downtown Carrollton are Blooms Candy & Soda Shop, The Finishing Touch Antique Mall, and The Home Store.

But since this is Foodie Friday, let’s talk about the food! Downtown Carrollton has some local-owned Mom-and-Pop type restaurants as well as some familiar bigger-name restaurants. Our favorites? Babe’s Chicken, Amici’s Signature Italian, Cane Rosso, and Sid’s Rainbow Grill.

Babe’s Chicken

It’s hard to come to DFW and not run into someone who talks about Babe’s Chicken. If you want some fantastic home-style cooking served family-style, check this place out! I love serving myself up a healthy portion of their fried chicken, mashed potatoes and creamed corn.

Amici’s Signature Italian

You can enjoy a truly unique Italian dining experience at Amici’s. Chef Bartolino Cocuzza blends traditional Italian cuisine with some French influences to deliver his creative take. You can order classic Italian dishes like Lasagna or Veal Scaloppini or you can try one of their more unique dishes like Grilled Elk and Roast Duck.

Cane Rosso

Similar to Babe’s Chicken, Cane Rosso has quickly become a well-known DFW staple. They have locations all over the Metroplex and their location in Carrollton is one of the newest. They serve authentic Neapolitan pizzas but with some unique twists. Our favorite pizza is one not on their regular menu. And pardon our language when we tell you the name… it’s the Honey Bastard. Also, you can’t skip out on dessert when you come to Cane Rosso. You MUST order their S’mores Calzone! Another insider tip? DON’T ASK FOR RANCH WITH YOUR PIZZA.

Sid’s Rainbow Grill

Kari’s family has been enjoying Sid’s hamburgers for as long as she can remember. If you want a truly authentic Mom-and-Pop diner experience, Sid’s is the place for you! Enjoy a milkshake from the soda fountain or sit down with friends in the restaurant room to enjoy your burger. Either way, you’ll love your experience!

Foodie Friday: Authentic Indian Cuisine at Urban Tadka

(Preface: If you’re looking for an expert opinion on Indian food, that’s not what this is. But if you’re an inexperienced Indian-food connoisseur like us and have always been curious to give Indian food a try, then this blog post is perfect for you.)

I think our entire team is now converted to Indian cuisine thanks to Urban Tadka! Now admittedly, we didn’t really know what we were ordering when we ordered it, but everything we ordered was delicious and I can’t wait to get back and try some more Indian food!

The Flower Mound location of Urban Tadka is their second here in DFW and both are owned and operated by Happy and Mona Singh who are long-time residents of Flower Mound.

Mona Singh and her son, Karan.

Several years ago, while working as a telecom engineer, Happy decided it was time to begin pursuing his lifelong dream of owning a restaurant. In order to learn more about how to correctly prepare and serve Indian cuisine in a restaurant setting, Happy began working part-time in the evenings at an Indian restaurant in Dallas.

Then, in 2013 they opened their first location of Urban Tadka in Irving. Fast forward a couple years and Happy decided it was time to begin thinking about a second location. Their friends here in Flower Mound begged Happy and Mona to open their second location here in town as there weren’t many great, local Indian restaurants. So, about a month ago, they opened their second location next to Anamia’s on FM 2499.

I’m going to do my best to explain our meal to you (remember, I’m an inexperienced Indian-food eater). So, I may do so by equating some of the dishes we had to dishes from other types of cuisine you might be more familiar with.

For our appetizer course, Mona chose several delicious options for us to sample including Samosas (fried potato and cheese); Chicken Pakora (chicken fritters made with Indian spices); Tandoori Chicken (yogurt-marinated chicken served with vegetables which was like eating Indian-style fajitas!); and Seekh Kabab (sausage-like chicken).


Chicken Pakora

Tandoori Chicken

Seekh Kabab

Our favorites of the appetizers were probably the Samosas and the Tandoori Chicken.

Then we each ordered a different entree dish which come served with Butter Naan, Garlic Naan and rice. Any of the entrees are delicious served over rice or used to dip your Naan in.

We ordered a few veggie-only entrees including: Shahi Paneer (a cheese-based dish); Kofta Lajawab (fried veggie balls served in a cream-based sauce); and Dal Makhni (lentil cooked with garlic, ginger tomatoes).

Shahi Paneer

Kofta Lajawab

Dal Makhni

We also sampled their Chicken Tikka Masala made with a cream-based tomato sauce and their Lamb Shahi Korma.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Lamb Shahi Korma

And if you want something a little different than the average Indian cuisine, we also tried their Veggie Wrap which had an incredible medley of flavors.

Then to top our meal off, we sampled a couple of their traditional Indian desserts – Gulab Jamun (fried dough balls soaked in a sweet syrup – like Indian donut holes!) and Rabri (a sweetened condensed milk dish that kind of reminded me of a rice pudding).

After our lunch at Urban Tadka, I honestly can’t wait to go back and sample more Indian food. Which is something I don’t think I’ve ever said before. But I am totally converted now!

We love that this restaurant is owned and operated by locals who are greatly involved in the community. Mona told us her favorite part of now having a location in their hometown is getting to see so many of her friends come in and support their business.

If you’ve been on the fence about Indian food like some of us at Jay Marks Real Estate have been, jump off the fence and go give Urban Tadka a try!

We hope you have a very safe Independence Day weekend, Foodies! And, as always, we hope you eat very well!

Urban Tadka in Flower Mound is located at 1900 Long Prairie Rd #146, Flower Mound, TX 75028.

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