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Foodie Friday: New Cavalli Pizza Firing Things Up in Old Town Lewisville

We have been so excited over the past few years to learn about the plans the City of Lewisville has for revitalizing Old Town Lewisville. And with a few of their highly-anticipated restaurants opening in the last couple of weeks, we were thrilled to make our way out there to try one of them!

This week we visited the new Cavalli Pizza, a true Neapolitan-style restaurant founded by a family of first generation Italian Americans. Cavalli uses only the freshest and most authentic ingredients to prepare each of their dishes. They even import the flour for their pizza dough from Italy!

The location in Lewisville is their third here in DFW, and while the menu remains mostly the same across all three locations, they do offer some unique menu options at each location. For example, all of the cocktails at the Lewisville location are unique to that location and are hand-crafted by their house sommelier and owner.

We ordered their Italian version of a margarita – the Diavolo Azzuro – which is a beautiful bright blue color and comes served with volcanic salt.

In addition to their wonderful cocktail menu, Cavalli also has a great selection of beers and 28 wines ON TAP. Yes, you read that correctly. Imagine a back room of a bar filled with beer kegs, but instead of beer, the kegs are filled with wine. They pride themselves on their fantastic selection, and it’s not difficult to see why!

They’ve also created a Lewisville Salad for the new location which comes topped with pepperoncini, salamino, garbanzo, provolone and an oregano vinaigrette.

Before getting to the main course, we sampled a few of their Antipasti options including their Focaccia, the Arancini and their Mozzarella Fritta. My absolute favorite was the Arancini – they’re like fried rice balls stuffed with bacon and mozzarella and smothered in a jalapeno cream. And their fresh marinara that comes served on the side is incredible as well.

But what Cavalli is obviously best known for is their incredible wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. Each of their pizzas are baked in a wood burning oven at 900 degrees for about 90 seconds – just as traditional pizzas in Naples are prepared. They are topped with the finest of ingredients including housemade mozzarella and authentic San Marzano tomatoes. And they have a pizza option for you no matter what kind of pizza you prefer.

We ordered 4 of their pizzas to give you a good idea of what their menu includes.

The Salamino e Funghi is a tomato sauce pizza which comes topped with some of their house mozzarella, salamino, mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, garlic and basil.

The Pesto Chicken is a great option for those of you who don’t like red sauce pizzas. It comes topped with their pesto, house mozzarella, ricotta, and grilled chicken.

For all you meat-lovers out there, The Dallas is the pizza for you. It comes topped with meatball, sausage, pepperoni and their house mozzarella.

And the Arugula & Prosciutto is a wonderfully refreshing take on a Neapolitan pizza. The crust is cooked and then is cooled a little before topping it with fresh arugula and prosciutto. So you still get the warm crust, but with fresh (not wilted) arugula.

And after all that, we still managed to find room to try one of their desserts. There were so many wonderful options to choose from like their Zeppole (Italian donuts), Nutella Pizza, and S’mores Pizza… but ultimately we decided to try their Lemon Tiramisu which was INCREDIBLE. If you are a fan of lemon-flavored desserts, this is your new soulmate. It’s like a traditional tiramisu in that it’s layered, but the layers consist of mascarpone, lemon curd, ladyfingers and limoncello.

We truly are so excited to see Old Town Lewisville go through a revitalization, and are thrilled  to now have restaurants like Cavalli Pizza so close to home. Be forewarned that with the opening of this restaurant as well as Twisted Root, this area of Old Town Lewisville could get quite congested this weekend. But we promise, this place is worth it!

*Cavalli Pizza in Lewisville is located at 233 W Church St.

Foodie Friday: Tierney’s Cafe & Tavern

photo 2(20)

If you’re a resident of the Flower Mound/Lewisville/Highland Village area, it’s likely that you’ve heard someone mention the name Tierney’s Cafe & Tavern before. Tierney’s is one of the most popular dining spots in Lewisville. Located in an old House off of Main and Mill Streets in Old Town Lewisville, this restaurant has the perfect amount of Southern and home style charm.

photo 2(19)

photo 1(19)

photo 3(18)

We were really excited to take on a local institution like Tierney’s this week and couldn’t wait to get in there to try some awesome home cooking. As always, we took a few minutes to talk to the owner, Greg Tierney, about his experience owning the restaurant and his desire to get into the business. He told us that the restaurant business is the only one he’s ever been in. He started washing dishes at the age of 15 and by 28 he owned his own restaurant! Since then, he’s owned a few different restaurants, including Mill Street Cafe, but has since combined them into what is now Tierney’s Cafe.

photo 1(16)

His chef, Marcella, has been with him for 15 years and creates the most delicious dishes that will make you feel like you’re sitting back in Grandma’s kitchen enjoying a home cooked meal.

I’ll tell you a little bit about what we enjoyed while dining at Tierney’s today and then will tell you about some of the other cool things they do in addition to serving awesome home style food.

We took a couple of clients with us after they closed on the sale of their house today (as is our new favorite tradition), so we’ve got a great variety of dishes to tell you about.

Greg told us that their most popular dish is the Potato Chip Chicken which is chicken breast breaded and fried with a potato chip crust and served over some sort of tartar-type sauce. So, naturally I ordered that with some fried okra and macaroni and cheese. It was a HUGE portion and the chicken was moist with the perfect amount of crisp and crunch from the potato chips. Our clients ordered some great sandwich options – a classic burger and a ham and cheese sandwich – both of which made you feel right at home. And Kari ordered a veggie omelet which was served with crispy hashbrowns and a buttery, soft biscuit.



photo 4(15)

photo 2(16)

We learned that every day, Tierney’s serves about 15-16 different kind of pies. All of the pies are homemade and they definitely taste just like a homemade pie should.

photo 3(15)

Today’s all sounded delicious so we all had a hard time deciding on what to have for dessert! Ultimately we decided on pecan (a customer favorite), coconut creme, mint chocolate chip and Dutch apple. The coconut creme and mint chocolate chip were extremely creamy and are perfect options for the warm summer months. The pecan pie had a wonderful richness to it and the perfect amount of crunch provided by the toasted pecans on the outside. And the Dutch apple was the perfect nod to the classic American dessert – sweet and juicy apple slices served in a buttery crust.



photo 4(14)


In addition to serving great food at reasonable prices, Tierney’s also offers a beautiful patio area which was actually voted Best Patio Dining consecutively from 2007-2012. Every Friday and Saturday night, Tierney’s also offers live entertainment with full bands playing all kinds of music ranging from pop to rock to country to jazz.

photo 5(6)

photo 3(19)

It’s an exciting time to be a restaurant owner like Greg in Old Town Lewisville with all of the construction happening down there to revitalize the area and create a center where people can go to shop and dine. Greg is greatly looking forward to the completion of the project and the new life it will bring to the area and existing businesses.

So Foodies, if you’re like us and you want some good home style brunch, lunch or dinner this weekend, you should really head to Tierney’s this weekend and check out what all the buzz is about. But if you want a seat on their beautiful patio, be sure to get there ahead of the rush!

When you go in, tell Greg and his staff that you read about them on my blog and be sure to try out some of their delicious pies – forget the diet. Then let us know what you tried and what your favorites were.

Hope you have a great weekend enjoying the beautiful weather, Foodies! Until next week!

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